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Earthworms, Castings & Tea

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Earthworm Castings are Nature's Fertilizer! Its a gardener's  best kept secret. Email or Call us with any order, any size. We will help you grow from the ground up. $1/lb. Discounts available for bulk orders.

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innovative aquaponics, grow organically, organic grown produce, shrimp, fish, worms

Check for updates on available earthworm farming, composting, and aquaponics monthly. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

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Fresh Produce


Aquaponically grown produce, and herbs. If your interested in us growing something specifically for your restaurant please call us.

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Aquatic Pets

Giant Malaysian shrimp as aquatic pet, shrimp pet, aquarium pet

Unique Aquarium pets!

Aquatic Pets


Giant, Malaysian, shrimp, aquaponics, aquaculture, snails, worms, shrimp, fish, worms, blue claw

Giant Malaysian Prawns. The largest freshwater shrimp.

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Live Fish Food

escargot, edible snail, snails, aquaponics, shrimp, feeder snails, Ivory Mystery, aquaculture

Edible Snails, Ivory Mystery Snails, Daphnia, Scuds, Copepods, and Brine Shrimp.

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