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Earthworms, Castings & Tea

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Earthworm Castings are Nature's Fertilizer! Its a gardener's  best kept secret. Email or Call us with any order, any size. We will help you grow from the ground up. $1/lb. Discounts available for bulk orders.

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We've been busy building and expanding to accommodate for the high demand for learning about aquaponics, sustainable living, and natural methods for gardening. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

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Fresh Produce


Aquaponically grown produce, and herbs. If your interested in us growing something specifically for your restaurant please call us. Find us Saturdays at the Brazos Valley Farmers Market in Bryan, TX.

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Aquaponic Systems


We can custom design a system to suit your needs, help troubleshoot existing systems, or just chat about the newest or most productive methods. 



While visiting please pick up a pole and enjoy the outdoors. Catch and release policy. 

Nature Trail/ Natural Habitats


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