Live Fish Food

Daphnia, Scuds, Copepods, Snails, Brine Shrimp

We provide high quality and nutritious live fish food for all types and sizes of aquarium freshwater and marine fish. Live food is great to help adult fish to breed and start small fry. 

DAPHNIA and Copepods

According to many Aquarists one of the best live fish foods available is Daphnia.  Daphnia and Copepods are an excellent source of nutrition for all fish, and can be raised fairly easily. They are raised in and filter-feed on "green water". They filter-feed on green material by sieving the water which extracts the phytoplankton. One of the best reasons to choose them as a live food source is because they can live in the aquarium until the fish eat them.  

Experts say feeding live food such as those improves the overall health and longevity of many aquarium fish. 


Another one of the best live foods available is Artemia, or Brine Shrimp. These can also be found frozen. Different varities are available and range in sizes and tastes. 


Have been either heralded as the worst or best live fish food depending on who you talk to. 

Warning: they eat whatever they are raised in, so be careful where you source them from. 


Live Fish Food

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