About Us

Leveridge Kids


Joseph, Rose, and Ragan love helping us out in all aspects of the business. We make it fun for them to learn all about sustainable living, gardening, and responsibility. We encourage them to share their interests with other kids and make a difference in the world when they aren't busy playing kickball out in the front, playing school sports and all the other school activities they love to do. 

Joe and Leia


We have been married for 15 years and love our 3 kids more than anything. We met at Texas A&M during a dance class and haven't been separated since. We love to share our love of gardening, unique projects, sustainable living practices, building aquaponics systems , and what being a hobbyist means to us with others. 

Friends and Family

aquaponics, aquaculture, shrimp, worms, castings

We couldnt be where we are today without the support of our friends and family. Family and friends are always welcome, so our door is always open for company. Don't be surprised if we offer you some coffee and a chair to stay and chat for a while, or join in on anything we are working on, so you just might have to get dirty.